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Recordings of Frederick Douglass Speeches, by Fred Morsell

"Frederick Douglass's Greatest Speeches"
a spoken word, audio series produced by TBM Records and delivered by Fred Morsell

NEWS Lesson Of The Hour, and The Meaning Of The Fourth Of July for the Negro are featured in the February 1997 Ebony Magazine.

Following his one man, two act play performance, members of the audience frequently say to Fred Morsell, "I so enjoyed your performance, it was rivetting. I kept wondering, though, what did Mr. Douglass's speeches sound like."

In response to such curiosity and in order to give listeners the opportunity to hear the splendor of Frederick Douglass's wisdom, spirit and intelligence, TBM has produced a spoken word audio series Frederick Douglass's Greatest Speeches.

Three other Frederick Douglass speeches are also in Mr. Morsell's performance repertoire:

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The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro .......... Hear a Real Audio Clip !

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The Lesson of the Hour.......... Hear a Real Audio Clip !

A remarkable synergy existed between Frederick Douglass, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and 19th century America's abolitionist and suffragist women.

To hear Douglass's defense of women's rights and his tribute to the women who shaped and shared his life is to feel we have been touched by the mighty spirits of many indomitable women and by the soul of Frederick Douglass.

Why I Became A Women's Rights Man.......... Hear a Real Audio Clip !
    Edited and abridged by Frederick A. Morsell
    Recorded March 29, 1995, released August 26, 1995
    76 minutes.

    Audio Cassette ISBN 1-883210-04-6 $11.99

    Frederick Douglass "had hardly brushed the dust of slavery from his feet and stepped upon the free soil of Massachusetts" when he met Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Of that meeting he said,
      "I shall never forget how she unfolded her views to me on this question of the exclusion of women from having a hand in the governing of herself...Mrs. Stanton knew it was not only necessary to break the silence of women and make her voice heard, but woman must have a clear, palpable and comprehensive measure set before her, one worthy of her highest ambition and her best exertions."
    It was Frederick Douglass, and not another woman, who seconded Mrs. Stanton's resolution at the first women's rights Convention at Seneca Falls, New York in July 1848 "that it was the duty of the women of this country to secure their sacred right to the elective franchise." Mr. Douglass continued up to the day of his death in 1895 to articulate and defend equality for women. The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified on August 26, 1920 and American women exercised their right to vote for the first time in the November 1920 national election.

    Since his portrayal of Douglass in the CBS Bi-Centennial special, We, the Women, Fred Morsell has been intrigued by Frederick Douglass's support of women. Producer Tanya Bickley finds Mr. Douglass's vision of men and women as co-inheritors of the earth, its responsibilities and its rewards a welcome message and one to be enjoyed by women and men. Together Mr. Morsell and Ms. Bickley spent over a year choosing from 50 years of Mr. Douglass's writings on women. Mr. Morsell then forged the choices into one stirring and comprehensive piece, Why I Became A Woman's Rights Man, an actual Douglass speech.

    In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Mr. Morsell delivered Why I Became A Woman's Rights Man at the Ford's Theatre, The Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York and at Smith College the weekend of August 25th, 1995. Simultaneously, TBM released Why I Became A Woman's Rights Man on August 26th to honor the signing of the 19th Amendment and Mr. Douglass's historic role in that process. .

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Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass: Remembering John Brown

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Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass: An Edited Oration in Memory of Abraham Lincoln

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Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass: On Our National Capital.

Upon request, Mr. Morsell will perform Frederick Douglass speeches other than those listed above. An editing and rehearsal fee will be added to his usual honorarium.

The Frederick Douglass's Greatest Speeches recordings are available directly from:

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