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Darryl Tookes - Performing Artist & Composer
Barbara Benjamin - Poet, Author, Leadership & Spiritual Retreat Leader
Daryl Hawk - The Unconventional Traveler | The Vision of Hawk
Richard Aldorasi - Create Your Own Silk Scarf Festivals, Street Fairs, Events
Michel Néray - "The Essential Message"
Gigi Guthrie, MSW - Psychotherapist, Writer, Speaker
Walter Bond - Motivator, Author & Entrepreneur
Ernest J. Gaines - "On The Craft Of Writing"
Alfred G. Gerteiny - "The Terrorist Conjunction"
Mary Bosrock - Writer, Lecturer/Expert on Cross Cultural Communications
Gregory Stephens - Author, Cultural Commentator on multi-ethnicity and multi-diversity
Evan Weiner - Sports Columnist and Journalist
Frank Deford - Sportswriter, Novelist and Screen Writer
Randall Kenan - "Readings & Thoughts On Writing"
Reagan Fletcher - Archivist, Theatrical Director, Speaker


Darryl Tookes

Darryl Tookes
Performing Artist & Composer

Darryl Tookes is one of the most accomplished and versatile performers on the music scene today. To hear his beautiful voice, go to www.newenglandmorning.com. Darryl also has his own Miami, Fl based band. Check them out on You Tube. This past winter Darryl performed with Quinn Johnson and his trio to sold-out houses in the Midwest. Moreover, Darryl creates simple, yet powerful arrangements of beloved Christian hymns, which he performs in churches, sometimes accompanying himself and sometimes accompanied by Joseph Joubert.

And, oh, the songs this talented man composes: Songs wrapped in soaring melody and lyrics that go straight to the heart. Uplifting songs that make the spirit soar, romantic songs of loyalty between a man and a woman, haunting songs for the broken hearted, sexy songs that set the feet to dancing, peaceful songs that reassure the spirit, and gentle songs that bring men and women, boys and girls home to the goodness in their hearts. You will find many of Darryl's songs on his seven solo albums. Many of them are available at iTunes and Jack Trifero at www.thegramophoneshop.com can find almost any classical, jazz or popular music recording.

Darryl has also taught master classes at Howard University and is currently on the music faculty of the Lagond School of Music in Elmsford, New York.

During his 25-year career Mr. Tookes has sung at Carnegie Hall with Roberta Flack, recorded and toured with Sting, and performed at the White House for President and Mrs. Clinton. He sang on the PBS television show Great Performances with Leonard Bernstein conducting West Side Story, and on the Soulful Messiah with Quincy Jones. Darryl has also worked with George Benson, Dave Grusin, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Laurie Anderson, Carly Simon, Diana Ross and many others.

Darryl Tookes is truly a Renaissance man! You couldn't go wrong booking him in a cabaret setting, with his band, as a soloist with your local orchestra, to do master classes for composers or singers, and, last but not least, to talk with children, students or adults about music in America, or the life of a musician who has excelled and survived!

For more information on Darryl Tookes, please click here.


Barbara Benjamin
Barbara Benjamin
Poet, Author, Leadership & Spiritual Retreat Leader

Millions of readers, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians have found their faith transformed by the good news of Jesus' unconditional compassion and love which they have encountered in Father Joseph F. Girzone's ten Joshua books. Not many people though know about Father Joe's faith journey that led him to writing the Joshua books.

In The Joshua Priest: A Biography of Faith, released by Nepperhan Press July 1, 2010, Barbara Benjamin brings us that story and hopes that readers will "find strength in discovering the deeply rooted faith and raw courage that, on critical occasions, saved the life of Fr. Joe and made his Joshua ministry possible, a faith that remained steadfast in the face of daunting personal crises and turbulent world events."

Of The Joshua Priest, Father Richard Rohr, founder of The Center for Action and Contemplation (www.cacradicalgrace.org) says, "It has been said that ideas do not change people, but people change people. In this book you will have two beautiful "people" encounters - with a great man and with the great woman who writes about him. Be prepared to be changed, enlightened, and readied for an even greater Encounter."

A mystic with a profound sense of God's presence in everything in the universe, from "a tiny drop of soft spring rain" to "a cosmic ray," Barbara Benjamin has been a poet since she was ten years old. Her first volume of poetry, Through My Window, was published in 1988. Described as "a love letter to God," her collection of poems, Face to Face, was nominated for Pulitzer in 2009.

Barbara's poetry has also been published in The Connecticut River Review and The Fairfield County Catholic and has been featured in Celebrate Your Divinity and Le Preuve Scientifique de l'Existence de Dieu by Orest Bedrij.

For the past fifteen years, Barbara Benjamin has been developing and delivering programs that facilitate the transformation of organizational leaders. From CEOs to ministers, participants in Barbara’s leadership training programs report that they have had a conscious transformation, not only in their professional lives but also in their personal lives.

We recommend Barbara Benjamin to you for keynote speeches and poetry readings - and for running retreats and workshops on leadership or on spiritual growth and development.

For more information on Barbara Benjamin, her writings and presentations, please click here.

Daryl Hawk
Daryl Hawk
The Unconventional Traveler
The Vision of Hawk

Faraway places and dramatic landscapes have always fascinated Daryl Hawk. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who travelled the world and went to countries that few people had seen, Daryl Hawk has been pursuing travel and photography for the last 25 years. You can be sure when you invite Daryl Hawk to give a presentation that your audience will have a fascinating time. (See for yourself. Click on the short video below.) An experienced speaker and host/producer of Cablevision's popular The Unconventional Traveler, Daryl shows his breathtaking photographs, tells stories about faraway places, and also shares some of the most important lessons that he has learned on the back roads of the world.

A most unusual man, Daryl Hawk travels alone, free as the wind, to some of the most remote and isolated places in the world. He travels slow, observes, moves easily among people and places, listens, immerses himself in the moment, and patiently waits for the good shot - and then shoots fast. When he arrives back home, oh, the images and stories he has to share!

Daryl Hawk is a member of the legendary Explorers Club, founded in New York City in 1904 to promote the exploration of land, sea, air and space. Camera in hand, this explorer takes long, solitary journeys that document powerful landscapes, nature and wildlife, architecture, and various cultures worldwide in exotic places like Bhutan, Antarctica and the Andes, and rural places as close to the American soul as New Hampshire, Montana and West Virginia.

We believe that as your eyes and ears take in Daryl Hawk's fascinating presentations not only will your imagination soar, you just might take away a lesson for your personal or professional life from the Vision of Hawk's modus operandi - in taking time to really look at an object, a vista, a person in detail, your life slows down, you learn and are enriched.

Hawk's poet soul says,

    "The dreaming, the never ending dreaming
    Of distant journeys.
    To the far ends of the earth,
    To points unknown,
    The blank spaces on maps,
    Where time has no meaning.
    New discoveries lie around every corner,
    On lonely winding roads,
    Through mesmerizing mountains and silent deserts,
    Filled with enriching experiences.
    Magical light and color,
    Falling upon fascinating and mysterious people,
    With ancient ways and stories,
    Theirs and mine,
    In lands where the winds blow stronger,
    And turquoise lakes call out to me,
    And the spirit of wild landscapes and powerful nature,
    Takes hold of my soul and my heart,
    Capturing me forever,
    Intoxicating me with never ending adventures.
    For now I am truly free,
    Like the wind,
    Whipping off the Weddell Sea,
    To continue to wander and explore,
    And always have these distant journeys."

Look into the heart and eyes of the man you see in the photo above and imagine the pleasure of experiencing The Vision of Hawk as Daryl shares a photographic journey with you. Click on the link below and for ten minutes travel the world with Daryl Hawk.

Daryl Hawk hand tailors his programs to accommodate your wishes, whether they be those of a school, a corporation, an association, a civic organization, or a gathering of your own creation.

Please watch a ten minute Daryl Hawk video.

Please click here for information about Daryl Hawk's various presentations.


Richard Aldorasi
Richard Aldorasi
Create Your Own Silk Scarf Festivals, Street Fairs, Events

Richard Aldorasi established the Philadelphia Handmade Paper Company in 1989. He has since continually conducted hands-on living history programs and art workshops in Turkish (ebru) and Japanese Suminagashi marbling, paper making, letter press printing, decorative paper, and book arts. Sharing his programs at numerous arts, historical and educational institutions, Mr. Aldorasi has displayed his expertise and experience as a teacher and artist with all ages and skill levels. As a working artist for 40 plus years, his talents go unsurpassed in handmade paper and marbling. Sharing and applying these ancient techniques while working with 100% authentic tools, Mr. Aldorasi provides an adventure into the world of art, as you experience history come alive.

Via the "Silk Road" the art of marbling made its entrance into 15th century Turkey. Marbling is the art of creating floating pictures on the top of a special water bath. After selecting and applying paint from 22 different color choices, swirling patterns of color are created, using special tools known as rakes and combs. On the surface of these intricate swirling patterns, we apply the elegant method of figuring, thus producing fascinating floral effects. This centuries' old Ottoman/ Islamic art technique has captured our hearts and minds. Each participant can print a 15 x 45 or 15 x 72 inch China silk scarf.

"Create Your Own Silk Scarf" is one of Mr. Aldorasi's most popular events. Price is based upon number of participants and number of scarves created.

(Please click here for information on Mr. Aldorasi's other hands-on programs.).


Michel Neray
Michel Néray
"The Essential Message"

"Discovering your differentiation is the most important thing you can do for yourself - and your business.
- Michel Néray

If you're a coach, consultant, business leader, or in any field where you have a lot of competition, a Michel Néray's keynote, workshop or longer residency is the best thing you can do for yourself - and your business.

It's easy to ask the question, "What makes you different?" But, how easy is it for you to come up with an answer that truly sets you apart? Your Essential Message is the most compelling thing about your business. It would make anyone want to do business with you, if only you could tell him or her what it is.

Michel Néray understands that when you are so talented and skilled at something, you don't even realize you are doing it. It just comes naturally. That's your Essential Message. Michel will work with you and your organization to help you discover what yours is. You will discover things about yourself that you never knew were so powerful and compelling. That confirmed, Michel will then help you to communicate your Essential Message in the most compelling ways. Under his tutelage, businesses have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their marketing and sales results.

Michel Néray has a science undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo, a second-degree black belt in Karate and an MBA from McGill University. He's married with three children, two dogs, two canoes and one motorcycle.

He also has over 25 years of experience as an award-winning copywriter, an Internet pioneer, a tradeshow pitchman and a senior sales and marketing executive. He has worked with major corporations including Honda, Volvo, Upjohn, Alias-Wavefront, Nikon, The Royal Bank, The Quaker Oats Company, Marathon Brokerage, Guardian Mutual Funds, Mackenzie Financial and many, many others -- big and small.

Michel has material to fit sessions from 30 minutes to 7 days, and can adjust his talks to your needs, even at the last minute. Because his material includes interactive exercises, however, shorter than 30 minutes just doesn't work as well. Most keynotes are between 60 and 90 minutes.

For more information on Michel Néray, please click here.

Gigi Guthrie
Gigi Guthrie, MSW
Psychotherapist, Writer, Speaker
Chronic Lyme Disease
Ways to Outsmart a Smart Disease

Gigi Guthrie's talk will equip you with valuable information to fight chronic Lyme disease and its effects on individuals and families. Always remember: Chronic Lyme disease is treatable!

Gigi Guthrie's life changed profoundly when her young son and her mother both developed chronic Lyme disease and could not find a treatment to help them get better. Her husband, conversely, discovered a bull's eye rash, went to the doctor, took the prescribed antibiotic, and recovered quickly. When conventional medical therapies were not helping her mother and son to recover, Gigi felt compelled to learn as much as she could about Lyme disease--and where, how and to whom she could find or go for help.

This is not uncommon. Lyme disease is mysterious, smart and tenacious - and strikes each person differently. Conventional medicine does not have all the answers. Many insurance companies do not recognize chronic Lyme disease as a legitimate diagnosis.

Gigi's talk resembles her book Chronic Lyme Disease: Ways to Outsmart a Smart Disease, which is a compilation of conventional, as well as non-antibiotic, complementary, and alternative treatments being used today to successfully fight chronic Lyme disease and its associated conditions.

The value of inviting Gigi Guthrie to speak is that you will be listening to and speaking with someone who has walked and fought--and is walking and fighting--the Lyme disease fight, both personally and professionally. It took Gigi more than three years to find combinations of treatment that would work, one set for her son and one set for her mother. They as individuals and as a family then began and continue the journey back to health. Because Lyme disease is so prevalent in Connecticut and so many individuals and families suffer with it, Gigi Guthrie's psychotherapy practice is devoted almost exclusively to clients who suffer from Lyme disease, are a caregiver for someone with Lyme disease - or both.

Gigi Guthrie is an intelligent, knowledgeable and highly skilled woman, who also happens to be a gentle soul and a lovely person. You learn a great deal, but she doesn't pound you over the head. After Gigi outlines the history of Lyme disease, dispels myths, and talks about different ways of treating it, she answers questions and welcomes input about experiences people have had, treatments that have worked or are working for them, and diagnostic labs that are doing particularly good work. Essentially Gigi and her audience join in a mutual journey of discovery as they share together the most current available information on ways to outsmart a very smart disease, Lyme disease.

For more information on Gigi Guthrie, please click here.


Walter Bond
Walter Bond, Motivator, Author & Entrepreneur
"No One Can Stop You, But You!"

How close are you to your dreams? Do you have any "buts" holding you back? In his signature program, No one can stop you, but you!, Walter Bond connects with each individual in his audience. Based on his book All Buts Stink! Mr. Bond's presentation is packed with powerful insights on how to build healthy confidence, become a peak performer, dominate in your current role, and eliminate all excuses and point the finger where it needs to be…at yourself.

Winner of the Minnesota Meetings & Events Magazine's 2006 Speaker of the Year Award, Walter Bond is a keynote speaker, business expert, and best-selling author who delivers a powerful message about how to overcome professional and personal challenges in order to move to the next level of excellence. His storytelling skills and deep insight into personal and professional success have captivated audiences around the globe. Walter's presentations combine a sparkling sense of humor, intense drama, and wisdom that take his listeners on a journey of self-discovery.

The problems and challenges that beset corporations and individuals often seem overwhelming. At a time when the need for a practical and moral compass has become greater than ever, Walter gives a message of hope and a plan for action. His powerful but simple message initiates personal transformation that leads to greater professional and personal success.

Click Here For More About Walter Bond.


Ernest J. Gaines
"On The Craft Of Writing"

The National Endowment for the Arts has named A Lesson Before Dying as part of its 2008 Big Read National Reading Program while Mr. Gaines' novels are regularly chosen as part of the Library of Congress's Center for the Book One Book Community Reading Programs.

On December 20, 2000, Ernest J. Gaines received from President Clinton one of the highest honors the United States can confer: The National Humanities Medal. On the craft of writing, Ernest Gaines says, "Sacrifice time; put a lot of time into your work. If you are a writer, read good writers, whether they are white or black, Chinese or Japanese, or Russian, or writers from Mars or wherever. Read the best to see how they do things because any good writer can help you. So study hard, and spend a lot of time at the desk. You sure can't become a good writer unless you spend time at the desk."

Professor Gaines makes a limited number of personal appearances during any given year - and plans them far ahead.  Please contact our office.  We will be happy to answer your questions.

Click Here For more information on Ernest Gaines.


Alfred G. Gerteiny
"The Terrorist Conjunction: The United States, Israeli-Palestine Conflict, and al-Qa'ida"

Dealing with difficult and complex issues, Dr. Gerteiny in his talks about terrorism and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East is fair, balanced, fascinating and most attentive to his audience and their questions. The result of years of introspection and analysis, Alfred G. Gerteiny's The Terrorist Conjunction: The United States, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and al-Qä'ida was written in the hope that it might stimulate a productive dialogue and needed debate on the causes of terrorism and how to deal with it. Missing from many analyses of the causes of terrorism are the roles of the Israeli-Palestine conflict and U.S. foreign policy. Professor Gerteiny reflects on Muslim and Islamist worldviews and assesses the U.S. response to terrorism after 9/11, including the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The book is "a brilliant analysis, innovative and profoundly original, of one of the most frightful yet evasive phenomena of our time: the devastating acts of armed terrorists," has opined University of Geneva Professor of Sociology Jean Zeigler.

Click Here For more information on Alfred Gerteiny.


Mary Bosrock
Writer, Lecturer & Expert on Cross Cultural Communications
"Put Your Best Foot Forward"

Mary Bosrock is the founder and CEO of International Education Systems. She is also the author and publisher of the Put Your Best Foot Forward books, an award-winning series on cross-cultural communication and behavior, as well as her newest books, Asian Business Customs and Manners and European Business Customs and Manners. The Put Your Best Foot Forward series has been published in Polish, Chinese, Russian and Thai.

Ms. Bosrock's expertise comes from extensive international experience. She is a former editor of Foreign Trade magazine. As glasnost was unfolding, her travels took her to the Soviet Union. She was present when the Berlin Wall came down and in Hong Kong when the handover took place. During the evolutionary period of the 80's, Mary worked in China. She spent the summer of 2002 traveling and working in the Middle East.

A featured speaker and consultant to multinational corporations and organizations, Ms. Bosrock is known for her informative and entertaining style of discussing customs and practices around the world. She speaks at conferences and conventions and presents a training program on globalization. Her audiences have included such prominent organizations as Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, Northwest Airlines, American Express, and the Association for Corporate Travel Executives.

Mary is a popular radio and television guest, appearing on CNN, CNBC, Fox News and A&E Network, among many others. USA Today said that "travelers will want to take along" the Put Your Best Foot Forward books. They have been endorsed by business and civic leaders such as former Vice President and Ambassador to Japan Walter Mondale, former Senate Majority leader George Mitchell, Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chairman and CEO, Carlson Companies, Inc., and former Chairman and CEO of American Express Harvey Golub.

Ms. Bosrock is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Masters of International Business School at the University of St. Mary's. The Protocol and Diplomacy International Protocol Officers Association honored her in 2004 with their Spirit of Diplomacy Award for her longstanding work in promoting respect and understanding across borders. She also serves on the board of Africa Calls Today, the American subsidiary of The Damietta Peace Initiative.


Gregory Stephens
Gregory Stephens
Author, Cultural Commentator on multi-ethnicity and multi-diversity

"What It Means To Be An American"

Gregory Stephens is the author of On Racial Frontiers: The New Culture of Frederick Douglass, Ralph Ellison, and Bob Marley, now in its second printing by Cambridge University Press, which has aroused a great deal of public debate. It features a ground-breaking study of Marley, "Bob Marley's Zion: A Transracial 'Blackman Redemption.'" Also a teacher, public speaker, DJ, and activist, he has spent 20 years advocating and participating in diversity and equal rights issues; multi-ethnic art forms, and sustainable lifestyles.

In his talks Gregory Stephens says, "I am trying to help people develop a multi-ethnic sense of kinship, which is what King meant by Beloved Community, what Douglass sought, what the Bible means by One Blood, what Marley meant by One Love. On a very simple level, he talks about an expanded definition of what it means to be an American. By merely speaking from life experience, he connects to a lot of different people on this.

Further, he expands the notion of equal rights and justice to include environmental themes, equality for women, etc. He argues that our very survival requires not only multi-ethnic kinship, but kinship with the earth. Gregory wonders, "Where is the Creator, after all, if not in Creation? We cannot love our Creator and continue destroying creation, there is no line between the two. That is an approach to spirituality I want to pursue. "
Click Here For More About Gregory Stephens


Evan Weiner
Evan Weiner
Sports Columnist and Journalist
The Business And Politics of Sports

Evan Weiner, winner of the United States Sports Academy 2010 Ronald Reagan Media Award, calls the shots as he sees them and describes the power plays, players, media, money and political connections which rule the multi-billion dollar a year business of global sports. Most people don’t have the foggiest idea of the realities Evan describes with such colorful and exacting detail, commentary and in depth information not usually found in main stream media.

Please take a look at the four Evan Weiner interviews immediately below. You will get a feel for the depth of his knowledge and the probing questions he asks.

An autumn 1987 “Between the Lines” interview aired on several regional sports networks. Reporters Bill Daughtry and Evan Weiner discuss the National Basketball Association’s Labor Talks with Lawrence Fleischer. Fascinating! Note how so many issues are still current.

A 1993 Evan Weiner “Beyond the Field” Interview aired on several regional sports networks around the country about baseball in minor league cities. Twenty years later, now, absolutely nothing has changed.

April 16, 2005. Evan Weiner and Geoff Merrell discuss Washington, D.C. Nationals baseball team with ABC’s Sam Donaldson.

A February 2011 interview on John Vorperian’s show “Beyond the Game.” The interview begins with an explanation of how the 1961 Sports Broadcasting Act has allowed football to grow and follows football to the present.

Having seen these clips, please take a look at how Evan Weiner connects the dots in a short segment from a talk given at St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, on October 6, 2011.

Both business of sporst and public policy college students and general audiences wishing to learn more are fascinated by Evan Weiner’s talks and/or workshops.

Here is a description by college professor Joel G. Maxcy who is now an Associate Professor of Sport and Recreation Management at Temple University--and also Vice President of the International Association of Sports Economists. (Evan Weiner has recently also spoken at Temple University.)

Joel Maxcy says,

“Evan Weiner presented the one credit mini-course “Politics and the Sports Business” February 25-26, 2005 in conjunction with Professor Joel Maxcy of the Sport Management & Media program at Ithaca College. The course was divided into four three hour sessions over the two day period. Attendees included students from both Ithaca College and Syracuse University.

The material presented was provocative given that Mr. Weiner provides social, business and political commentary on the business of sports that is not typical of what is found in the mainstream media. The course was supplemented with readings drawn from Mr. Weiner’s "The Business of Sports" daily commentary for the Westwood One Radio Network, and from his numerous newspaper and magazine articles on the politics of sports business, which have appeared in major daily newspapers. In addition to lectures on his experiences writing about and interacting with leaders in the sports business and political worlds, Mr. Weiner actively engaged in discussion with the course participants. The sessions were lively and informative.

Particularly unique and valuable parts of presentations were audio tapes of interviews Mr. Weiner has conducted with those with inside information and viewpoints on the subject matter. Included were team owners, former players, union representatives, and league officials. The interviews provided participants with the opportunity to hear about important issues in an “in their own words” format, which doubtless rings much more true than second-hand retellings This type of experience is not something to which students are typically exposed to in the classroom.”

For a comment typical of those made after one of Evan’s talks to a general audience, Larry Strickler, Director of Activities at Kutsher’s Country Club, wrote,

“Evan Weiner has lectured at KUTSHER’S COUNTRY CLUB the last two summers. The positive response last year made it obvious to ask him to return and once again present his informative, enlightening and entertaining talk to our guests.

His sports talk is meaningful to all audiences, not just sports fans. Other speakers we present such as Kenny Albert, Mike Breen and Sid Rosenberg appeal only to sports fans. But Evan’s sports talk appeals to all audiences. He presents the sports story as it relates to the economic, political and social world we live in. If you are a tax payer, a voter and a civic minded individual you must become involved in his lecture.

He has a delightful manner. His personal anecdotes only enhance the credibility of his lecture. Those who hire him will be taking bows for days after his speaking engagement.”

Evan Weiner is a contributing columnist for New Jersey Newsroom.com and The Examiner.com. He wrote a weekly column for the New York Sun and has written for New York Newsday, The Orlando Sentinel, Metro Philadelphia, Metro New York, The Washington Examiner and msnbc.com, and was a re-occurring guest on “Politics Live” with Sam Donaldson. His radio commentary “The Business of Sports” aired nationally on a daily basis between June 1999 and June 2006. He is a participant in several Long Distance Learning and electronic blackboard university classes and frequently speaks on several ocean cruises.

The second edition of his book, The Business & Politics of Sports, is available through TBE Bookstore and on Amazon as a Kindle book.

For more information about Evan Weiner, please click here.


Frank Deford
Sportswriter, Novelist and Screen Writer

Frank Deford is among the most versatile of writers and his work has appeared in virtually every medium. In magazines, he is the Senior Contributing Writer at Sports Illustrated. On radio, he may be heard as a commentator every Wednesday on "Morning Edition" on National Public Radio and, on television, he is a regular correspondent on the HBO show "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel."

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photo by Jill Krementz
Randall Kenan
"Readings & Thoughts On Writing"

Adding to his versatility as one of today's best non-fiction writers and also a fabulist of our times, Randall Kenan is the editor of The Cross of Redemption, Uncollected Writings by James Baldwin, published in August 2010 and which received a Publisher’s Weekly starred review. Disarmingly humble and witty in person, Randall charms audiences with his profound knowledge of books and films. He is also both caring and thoughtful with the questions audiences ask him.

During the summer Mr. Kenan is on the faculties of The Sewanee Writers’ Conference and Pine Manor’s "Solstice Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing".

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, with a new generation of Americans confronting what James Baldwin called our "racial nightmare," Randall Kenan in The Fire This Time (Melville House, 2007) asks, "How far have we come?" It is Mr. Kenan’s response forty-five years later to Mr. Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time, one of the essential and galvanizing books of the American civil rights movement. Mr. Kenan's Walking on Water, Black American Lives at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century (Alfred A. Knopf, March 1999) is a profoundly moving and provocative account in the form of individual essays--both timely and enduring--of the thinking, feelings and lives of more than 200 African Americans in the nineties. Mingling myth, folktale, magic and reality, Randall’s first two books were Let the Dead Bury Their Dead, which was nominated for the Los Angeles Times’ Book Award for fiction and was a finalist for the National Book Critics’ Circle Award, and A Visitation of Spirits.

Please click here to hear Randall Kenan’s August 19, 2010 interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep.

Click here for more information on Randall Kenan

Reagan Fletcher
Archivist, Theatrical Director, Speaker
100 Years of American Theatre
As Seen Through the Shubert Theatres and Dynasty

Calling all theatre lovers, Broadway buffs, theatre people and theatre majors, Reagan Fletcher is in the truly unique and peculiar position to galvanize your audience with stories and pictures of the glamour, nitty gritty, and history of Broadway and the Shubert Organization!

Reagan and his colleagues Maryann Chach, Mark E. Swartz and Sylvia Wang comprise the staff of the Shubert Archive; and Reagan is ready to take to the road! From its somewhat chaotic early days, the Shubert Archive has evolved into one of the most unique and valuable specialized research collections in the world - a vast storehouse of theatre history and memorabilia, which concentrates on the work of Sam, Lee, and J. J. Shubert, the company they founded, and the history of Broadway and the Shubert Organization.

Reagan has worked with the Shubert Archive for the past twenty-five years and knows its contents backwards and forwards. He will happily put together an entertaining, educational and informative talk crafted to your specifications.

Reagan Fletcher is an engaging person and an engaging speaker, who loves his subject matter. His talks reveal an encyclopedic knowledge of theatre, each of the Shubert’s legendary theatres, and the Shubert Organization.

Click here for more information about Reagan Fletcher.

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